Where that Place Used to Be

That house that is no longer my home fills me with longing each time I go but I know: home is where the heart is. The school's not the same but neither am I; everything changes with the passing of time. That city never changed 'til I left it behind.



"How come Ken gets to date all of us but we all have to date him?" The girls were sitting around in the living room, Ken upstairs asleep at 4pm. Typical. They had been in the living room for about thirty minutes now, just chatting about the usual: outfit changes, unexpected nudity, and, their favorite … Continue reading Dollhouse

Mirror, Mirror

"Stop touching your face so much, you're the reason it looks like that." "Why are you so obsessed with yourself?" "Okay but we do look good let's be real." "Seriously, stop digging craters in our skin." "No, that foundation is not your shade." "Yes, your butt is getting flabby." "We've had better outfits, but I … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror


Soft touches, simple strokes Don't you know what your body evokes I only want to do the most I always want to do the most Fingertips slip off your clothes Digging underneath the folds It's on this sin I've overdosed It's on your skin I've overdosed Warmth and wetness are all I feel It's dirty … Continue reading Dirty


"This one's for the lonely" Even when we are together. We're all really alone. "It comes and goes in waves" And it never stops. Until it stops for good. "For the ones who think they can" Never stop believing that you can. Is all of this belief just fruitless naivety? "This part was for her, … Continue reading Tear-Jerker